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Laurie Lacey's Wild World of Plants

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Places I like to Visit (All links open in new windows.).

4U Water
A Water resource page. Has information on most everything you want to know concerning water.

A Health Break
An Alternative Medicine website covering a broad range of issues relating to your health and well being.

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada presents AgriWeb Canada with the aim to develop a national directory which will facilitate access to resources on the Internet.

Atlantic Internet Marketplace
This page has links to a wide variety of sites.

Austral Plants
A web site dedicated to native plants of South Africa, Madagascar and Mascarenes Islands.

Bird Feeders, Hummingbird Items, Garden Decor
GardensAndAllThat.com is your shopping destination for bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, wind spinners, bird houses, birdbaths, bat houses, garden decor and lots, lots more. Satisfaction always guaranteed!

CastorOil.in -- The Only Online Bookmark You’ll Ever Need for Anything Castor. The site also includes a fabulous collection of web resources for over 200 plant-based oils!

Change Your Life with Daily Positive Thoughts

Colonic Hydrotherapy Australia
Colonic Hydrotherapy Australia - The Detox Lounge in Byron Bay..

The online simplicity village!

Cranberry 4U
A wonderful resource page on the cranberry. Includes recipes!

Dineh Alliance Home Page
A Dineh (Navajo) Activist page on the struggle to retain a traditional way of life.

Dr Barry Sears OmegaRx Zone, Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil.
Dr. Barry Sears is an expert on dietary control of hormonal response. His products include Omega 3 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil and OmegaRx Ultra Refined Fish Oils. Dr. Sears wrote the Omega Rx Zone Diet.

Eastern Native Seed Conservancy
The Eastern Native Seed Conservancy, endeavors to preserve rare genetic stock and in so doing is able to offer the public a sampling of true rarity.

A Blog Directory. Watch this directory grow! My Medicine Maker Blog is listed under "Self Help".

Folk Medicine Message Board and Chat Room
A site dedicated to folk remedies from many cultures, that are passed along from generation to generation, usually by word of mouth.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66
I had to link to this page, as part of me will always be in the good ol' Southwest!

Greenbush Natural Products
Greenbush herbs have no fillers and are never irradiated or sprayed with pesticides.

Greenwood Herbals
"Your healing and teaching center - natural apothecary, labyrinth and gardens. It is the place to learn about plant medicine and all the great herbal products and herbs that Greenwood Herbals has to offer."

Guide to Herbs and Supplements
Herbs and supplements have been used for centuries as a way to treat and prevent certain illnesses and ailments. Research continually finds new benefits to many natural herbs that grow wild throughout the world.

Healing Space
Spiritual healing, weekly drop-in group, notice board, articles & many links to healing, meditation, yoga training, holistic, self-help & support sites.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage
One of the web's best sites for information on herbal medicines

Herb Research Foundation
The use of herbs for health, environmental conservation, and international development - has many useful links.

Herbal Supplements Guide
Learn about herbs and herbal supplements and their potential therapeutic value. Covers popular herbs, herbal benefits and the application of herbal treatments for health and well-being.

Source for the Isogenics cleansing and Isagenix fat burning system.

Large Fierce Mammal
The official website of Randy L. Whynacht; profoundly literate and articulate adventurer, technician, swordsman, lover, Alpha Male Pack Leader, exquisite cook, writer, film maker, exceptional marksman, teacher, perpetual student, and Gentleman in the classic sense.

Lily Lilies
Everything Lily, from Alstroemeria to Zephyranthes.

Health directory and health resource on the web.

Magical Garden
Gardeners to gargoyles, Celts to Cats... something for everyone including herb gardening for beginners.

Massage Insurance
Massage Liability Insurance Group (MLIG) provides Massage
Therapist, Massage Therapy Students, and Massage Therapy Schools with Massage Liability Insurance, through various Massage Therapy insurance plans, Massage Marketing Materials, Massage Business Support, Massage News, and Massage Articles.

Michael Moore's Southwest School of Botanical Medicine
This page has lots of good stuff!

A site "dedicated to disconnecting the term primitive from perceptions of Native American technology and art".

A comprehensive cyber-place for Earth's indigenous peoples.

Nature's Healers - Natural Healing With Herbs
Our knowledge of herbs as medicines, food, drinks, flavouring, and beauty products belongs to the people and cannot be controlled or owned by big industries claiming to be authorities on the use of herbs.

Nimbus Publishing

Plants for a Future
A resource center on edible and other useful plants.

Traditional hand drums and drum sticks, and original hand painted designs.

The Queensland Herb Society

Traditional Native American Tobacco
Seed Bank and Education Program

Wild Edible Plants. Dining on the Wilds

Wild Food Adventures
Edible plants, wild foods & other forageables of North America

Wild Food! "Wildman" Steve Brill's homepage
Learn about edible and medicinal wild plants, nature and ecology.

Wild for Herbs
Visit "the herb Shop" and browse the Good Herbs product line. Herbs have been used for thousands of years, and they continue  to be some of the most sought after holistic health supplements.
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